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What's your own personal mission?

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

It's sometimes hard to create your own Mission statement and here's a little exercise that can help you get started.

Start your Mission Statement

Step One – Write your name in a middle circle

Out from the main circle – Write words that describe you today

Step two – Now think of the person you WANT to be.

Make a list

I want to be a….

Example ____________________________________________________________

I want to be a ____________________________________________________________

Hard worker ____________________________________________________________

Kind person ____________________________________________________________

Respected ____________________________________________________________

Step three – Use the two lists to write a Mission statement.

This is a sentence or paragraph about the person you want to be.



Learn as much as I can....

Take care of my team....

Be fearless by.....

Engage others....

Step four - Put it all together.

It's time to add the how you are going to accomplish your mission.

Time to share your mission statement with us. Remember to be true to you and keep it simple.

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